Reddit Coding Experiment, Session 2 Notes

By: Anthony Naddeo - (education, l2code, live-stream)


This is what we built. Here is the github commit. It’s the same thing as last time except the todo items are sorted alphabetically by a bubble sort that we wrote.


This is a recording of the stream.

Links from this session

These links apply generally

Stream notes

After each stream I’ll put up a page like this one with resources.


This is the work that we planned out in advance for this session.


This is an export of whatever I used the whiteboard for.

Console history

Technical difficulties this time, sorry. The virtualbox machine crashed because bubble sort is so horrible. I’m switching the environment to use the windows sybsytem for linux in the future so that this won’t happen.

Topic Suggestions

Feel free to recommend or suggest a topic that you’re interested in or that you think would be useful. It can be anything, it doesn’t have to be related to what we’ve done so far.